Other Offerings

Kelley Hunt & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg together offer performances, workshops, retreats and consultations for you, your business or organization, and your community. In addition to writing and singing workshops, in-services, and other sessions to help you cultivate greater courage, vision and creativity, Kelley & Caryn’s offerings include a magical blend of writing, songwriting and singing that meets people where they are, whether novice or professional writers and/or musicians. In fact, the way in which we present ourselves help people of many backgrounds and levels of experience come together to discover, re-discover, or deepen their creative potential. Brave Voice workshops may also be focused on particular themes, such as “Play It Forward,” a series we facilitated at the Lied Center of the University of Kansas, or Writing and Singing Through Serious Illness, a workshop we led at Turning Point in Kansas City.

We also offer workshops on Right Livelihood (making a living attuned to your work in the world), Finding Your Calling, Developing Business and Marketing Plans, and Collaborating with Others as a Pathway to Creativity.

Workshops include partial-day, full-day, weekend, and multi-day options, which may be tailored to your group’s interests, passions and livelihood. Please contact Caryn or call 785/766-7159.


We have extensive experience facilitating in-services, workshops, master classes to, and consulting with your organization, business or institution on a variety of topics, including:

  • Finding and Freeing Your Creativity
  • Writing, Singing and/or Songwriting for Personal and Community Growth and Health
  • Healing Through the Arts
  • Right Livelihood/Making a Living Through the Arts
  • Finding and Following Your Calling
  • Cultivating Courage, Resilience and Vision

Sessions can also be tailored specifically to the needs of your group. Both Kelley and Caryn have presented such sessions and consulted with arts and community centers; schools, colleges and universities; libraries; ecovillages; hospitals and clinics; festivals and conferences; and many other venues.


Caryn & Kelley’s performances are an uplifting and powerful combination of Kelley’s music and singing, Caryn and Kelley’s co-written songs, Caryn’s poetry, and on occasion, collaborations with dancers and other artists. We are thrilled to put together a special performance for your event or community. Past performances include:

  • Play It Forward, a short program for the Friends of Lied Center, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
  • The Land That We Dream Of, Waterville Opera House, Waterville, KS
  • Annual performances, Brave Voice, White Memorial Camp, Council Groves, KS
  • The Wild Winds That Carry Me, 2007, Council Grove, KS
  • The Heart of Healing, 2006, Unity Church, Lawrence, KS.
  • Dangerous Curves II: Surviving and Thriving , 2005, Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS.
  • Dangerous Curves: Healing Through Cancer, 2004, Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS.

Please contact us for more information, please contact Caryn or call 785/766-7159.