The 15th Annual Brave Voice: September 20-25, 2020 – Registration now open!  Retreat schedule

Please join us for a soulful, invigorating and life-changing 6-day retreat to dive into writing, singing, and songwriting, and surface with new work, collaborative creations, a community that supports your artistic development, and a renewed vision of your life. Total cost of the retreat, all meals, and five night’s lodging: $990 ($1,010 after 8/1/20). Please note that Brave Voice regularly sells out.

Who Comes to Brave Voice?: Based on the premise that opening up your voice one way cannot help but open it up another way, Brave Voice attracts people who create or want to create. Many writers (who work and play in fiction, poetry, memoir, non-fiction, journalism, drama, multi-genre and other forms) as well as musicians of all stripes and spots are welcome, including a wide range of people just starting out and professionals who’ve been forging a career in writing and/or music. We find that the mix of people sparks ample collaboration and inspiration, and by having everyone engage in writing, songwriting, and group singing, everyone strengthens their voice in their main art (and sometimes finds new talents). Although Brave Voice has historically drawn more women than men, we are open to all genders and those between and beyond. We create altogether an inclusive and magical community that continues long after our time together through a Facebook page and occasional informal gatherings organized by past participants.

The Place: White Memorial Camp is situated on a peninsula on Council Grove Lake, surrounded by breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding Flint Hills. At the camp, you can take part in bird-watching, hiking, canoeing, a hayrack ride, and just wandering to many exquisite overlooks. The location of the camp is where, for thousands of years, Native American tribes of the Plains would come together in council. The camp is close to historic Council Grove, and situated in the heart of Flint Hills of Kansas, a hidden national treasure of great beauty and peace.

Accommodations & Meals: Our group will be housed in three-to-four cabins with views of the lake, in which participants will share rooms, but also be spread out enough to give each person his or her own space as much as possible. Tasty and hearty Meals are prepared by the camp staff with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and feature amazingly delicious, largely organic and very healthy vittles.

Directions: Directions will be sent to you, along with travel information for people coming by plane, upon your registration. If you’re flying in, we will provide a shuttle from Kansas City International Airport.

Traveling to Brave Voice: White Memorial Camp is approximately 2.5 hours from the Kansas City airport, and 1 hour from the Wichita airport. We will provide shuttle for a small fee from Kansas City International Airport for people flying in by 4 p.m. Sunday, May 19th, and flying out after 2 p.m., May 24th. For people driving in, we will share with you people coming from your area for car-pooling. Please note: if you are flying in or out days other than May 19 and May 24, you will need to make your own arrangements although it is likely we can get you rides to either Lawrence, KS or Kansas City, MO.

You can find directions to the camp at, and you can also look up the camp, which is located at 1271 S. 1050 Rd., Council Grove, KS.  Or, from Council Grove, KS., go north on KS 177 for 6.5 miles. Turn left on K Ave., and go 1.5 miles west (yes, you’re way out in the country). Turn left again, and go 4.4 miles on S. 1050 Rd. to the camp. 

What’s the place, accommodations and meals like? Listen to Caryn & Kelley to find out more.